About Miranda Portnoy

Daughter of a mother with borderline personality disorder and an anti-social father, Miranda Portnoy suffered decades of severe abuse. She might have become yet another helpless, nameless victim. But as she reveals in her memoir, a tale of faith and enlightenment, hers is a spiritual comeback story.

Seeking to share her inspirational story of recovery from PTSD, depression, and agnosticism with adult Jews of all ages, Miranda offers two editions of her memoir.

Making Meaning Out of Madness: A Jewish Journey contains her memoir plus her concise, well-researched argument for faith, “Solving the Jewish Mystery,” (among three pieces). Author Judy Gruen calls the essay “stunning.”

Cinder Oy-la! How a Jewish Scapegoat Becomes a Princess contains just her memoir. Miranda’s story “reminds us of the indomitable human spirit,” says Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith (Aish.com). Author Sherrie Mandell calls it a “searing tell-all memoir of Jewish tragedy and redemption that will keep you reading.”

With the publication of her memoir and essay collection, Miranda Portnoy has taken it as her mission to rekindle belief in God among exploring Jews. Miranda welcomes visitors to her site to submit questions about emotional recovery, faith, Judaism, and the practice and pleasures of being a Torah-observant Jew.

Shalom Aleichem and feel at home!

Miranda Portnoy is an Ivy League university graduate. She survived a traumatic American Jewish childhood to marry a noble Orthodox Jewish husband, offering her children Eternity. An observant Jew living in Israel, Miranda hasn’t taken Prozac in twenty years. She shows you how you can do it too.