Bogged Down with Blogs?

I share your feeling that we are all oversaturated with media and information. Too many distractions are pulling us away from our primary duties to ourselves, to our families, and to God. Therefore, my pledge to you, my precious reader, is not to waste your time. My essays will be short and hopefully, inspiring. My goal is to give a taste of the Judaism that many of my readers have never encountered. The Judaism that inspires me and makes me feel grateful and privileged to be a Jew. 

Some of my pieces will be answers to readers’ questions that I will feature anonymously. Because Judaism is so vast and deep, I will be unqualified to answer many readers’ questions. But I will do my best to address those questions I can with my perspective from twenty years of living as a mitzvah-observant Jew. Beyond Q & A, I may give a taste of the weekly Torah portion, a flavor of the Jewish time of year, or some other spiritual flight of fancy. Please join me for a TT, a Torah thought, in this blog that begins after November 30, when I publish Making Meaning Out of Madness: A Jewish Journey! I encourage all of you to submit questions. Kindly help keep me from developing cognitive decline.

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